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Kill Team Core Book Kill Team Core Book
In stock
The definitive guide to playing Kill Team, packed with essential rules and lore Supports open and competitive matched play styles, with a wide range of missions types available Contains 10 Spec Ops missions designed specially for narrative play, with an in-depth campaign system taking your operatives from raw recruits to hardened veterans The new edition of Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team has been red…
Kill Team Corsair Voidscarred Kill Team Corsair Voidscarred
In stock
A piratical unit for Aeldari and Drukhari armies, or a full Kill Team in one box Builds 10 Corsair Voidscarred or Corsair Voidreavers, with plenty of optional gear Add esoteric equipment and skilful rogues to your Aeldari collection This multipart plastic kit allows you to build 10 Corsairs, cunning Aeldari pirates armed with esoteric wargear. These miniatures can be used as Corsair Voidscarred op…
Kill Team Ork Kommandos Kill Team Ork Kommandos
In stock
A versatile unit in Warhammer 40,000, and a full Kill Team in a box Builds 10 Ork Kommandos, plus a Kommando Grot and a Bomb Squig An unusually subtle and sneaky option for the most kunnin’ Ork generals This kit builds a unit of 10 Ork Kommandos, including a Nob, plus a Bomb Squig and Kommando Grot – just as well suited for games of Kill Team as they are a versatile Elites choice for your Warhamme…
Kill Team Salvation Kill Team Salvation
In stock
Kill Team Sisters Novitiates Kill Team Sisters Novitiates
In stock
A versatile, impetuous Troops unit for Adepta Sororitas armies, and a full Kill Team in a box- Builds 9 Novitiates Militant and a Novitiate Superior, with a variety of weapons and gear Add new tactical options to your Adepta Sororitas army This box allows you to build a unit of 10 Sisters Novitiate, with lighter armour and weaponry than their senior sisters. The Sisters Novitiate kit is suitable f…
Kill Team Starter Set Kill Team Starter Set
In stock
A great way to start playing Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team Everything you need to learn and play in one box!- Includes two kill teams and a wealth of accessories The new edition of Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team has been redesigned from the ground up as the greatest tabletop skirmish experience yet, and the Kill Team: Starter Set is the perfect place to start your campaign of clandestine missions. This e…


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